Learner led learning space transformation

A practical exploration of moving beyond co-construction to genuinely learner led approaches. You want to see learner engagement? Engage the learners!


Professor Stephen Heppell 
Professor: Felipe Segovia Chair in Learning Innovation at Universidad Camilo José Cela, Madrid (SPAIN)

With inputs from serving teachers elsewhere in the world and yourselves


Children working on the design of their own learning is a step beyond focus groups and co-construction. Importantly we are not asking the children for their “opinion”, we are asking them for their research into what works and then asking them to produce it in their lives and learning spaces, normally to a very tight budget (ie cheaply).

The good news comes by the bucket load of course, from metacognitive boost, through heightened engagement with better behaviour, and on to learning performance: everything gets better.

This is a very informal and practically focussed masterclass with things you can start on as soon as you get home from the event. Lots of input, including a rich seam of experience from Professor Heppell and from the attendees. Also, there will be occasional inputs and Q&As from teachers connecting into the masterclass from elsewhere in the world.

Importantly, this learner led approach does not constitute one-more-burden for busy teachers or exhausted parents. The learners do the work and its impact is all the greater for that.  


Who Should Attend?

Absolutely anyone who cares about making learning spaces better, from class teachers to parents, headteachers, architects, policymakers, even students of course.


Why Attend?

Hmmm, why do you think?!!


What To Bring?

If you would like to, bring images from any learning spaces you are considering tackling - or have already tackled. Having the images on your phone would be fine.



8:30 |  Arrival and informal welcome

9:00 |  Start

10:30 |  Tea & Coffee Break

12:45  |  Lunch 

16:00 |  Finish





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