INVESTING 2 days at EduBUILD will help you meet the right people and secure more business...

Australia’s #1 meeting place for the entire ecosystem of education leaders, business managers, project managers, planners, designers, builders, contractors, facilities managers, procurement managers, capital works and asset managers.


Don’t leave it to chance - this is your BEST OPPORTUNITY to find more business

  1. Gather information about new tenders, design competitions and building projects
  2. Find new business partners
  3. Learn what education leaders are looking for in 21st century education building design
  4. Help design "smart" schools that are future ready for technologies like AI, IoT, AR/VR
  5. Demonstrate your capabilities
  6. Save time and money by meeting thousands of clients and prospects... all together at the same time
  7. Talk as an equal to hard-to-reach education leaders
  8. Establish future business opportunities – think about the ROI of making just one sale/closing just one deal!
  9. Be part of the biggest and most prestigious event in Asia-Pacific




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