EduBUILD 2019 Agenda

Sydney, 6 - 7 June 2019


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Jun 608:40
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Welcome by MC

Adam Spencer, Author, Comedian, Maths Geek, Author, Comedian, Maths GeekAustralia
Jun 609:00
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Jun 609:20
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Human + Digital(x): exploring the skills needed to build safe, savvy technology habits

  • Digital citizenship, literacy, intelligence, fluency, confidence – beyond the technical skills required for success in yet-to-be-invented 21st century careers.
  • Schools need to prepare young people with the social-emotional and critical literacy skills required to be a safe and savvy citizen in a fake-news fuelled digitally-saturated world.
  • Adolescence is a time of enormous emotional and identity development; how can we work with this to maximise our positive impact on a generation regularly bemoaned to be addicted to technology?
Jocelyn Brewer, Teacher And Psychologist, Creator Of Digital Nutrition, Cyberpsychology ResearcherAustralia
Jun 609:40
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Walking your Talk: How Leaders Shape Culture

  • A practical, actionable understanding of what culture is, why it is important and how it is sustained or changed
  • Clarity about the influence they personally have on culture, and the tools available to them to influence it
  • Knowledge about how to be seen ‘walking the talk’ as a leader in relation to the cultural aspirations of their organisation, education institution or classroom.
Carolyn Taylor, Executive Chairman, Walking the TalkAustralia
Jun 610:00
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Creative Thinking and Innovation

Sir Ken Robinson, World's elite thinker on creativity and innovationUnited States
Jun 613:40
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Planning for the future – trends and key issues

  • Global drives influencing the future of our urban areas and cities
  • A strategic planning approach to managing change and growth across NSW
  • The implications for the provision of educational facilities and services in the context of significant change.
Jun 614:00
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  • Changing the paradigm of teaching and learning
  • Trans-disciplinary learning in High Schools
  • HUBS, pods and Huddles, new learning for a new century
Jun 614:20
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Crafting Activity Based Learning Environments: An Evidence Based Design Approach

  • Examine some research on learning environments
  • Introduce and define activity theory and affordance theory
  • Present international examples spatial designs for the physical environment that enhance the pedagogy of the place
  • Consider how the interior spatial design may be organized to support activity based learning
Jun 614:50
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The future of school infrastructure

School Infrastructure Nsw, School Infrastructure NSWAustralia
Jun 615:10
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Masterplanning - more than just architecture

Paynter Dixon will share their considerable experience in the process of masterplanning schools to explain thatit's more than just architecture. Using real examples this presentation will explore the importance of getting your staff on board, linking your master plan to your pedagogical approach,facility condition assessments, community engagement, incorporating a digital master plan and much more.
Jun 616:20
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An awful new system of education: growing a Living School in a garden of trust

- Learn about key educational philosophies and their historical impact on our schooling system-Ponder prisms to amplify tangible teaching to support the learning process-infuse soft skills so they are not hard
John Stewart, Principal, Living SchoolAustralia
Jun 616:40
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How children learn to read: Science vs straw men

  • Reading is a complex cognitive skill that is relatively new in the context of human evolution.
  • Education and cognitive science research has provided a remarkably detailed understanding of how reading develops in the brain, and the teaching methods that are most likely to be effective.
  • In this session, Dr Buckingham will outline the scientific evidence on reading and debunk some common myths.
Jennifer Buckingham, Senior Research Fellow, Centre For Independent StudiesAustralia
Jun 617:00
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Thinking outside the box, leadership, pressure

Richard Harris, Australian Hero Involved In The Thai Cave Dive Rescue, Anaesthetist, Australian Of The Year 2018, Dr Richard HarrisAustralia

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Jun 709:00
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Buildings vs Spaces

Join two of the worlds most brilliant minds discuss the environments in which our children learn and grow and what aspects of which we must develop to to maximise learning potential.
Jun 709:40
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Cool Schools: smart, sustainable strategies to beat the heat

  • The importance of thermal comfort for student health, wellbeing and learning
  • Strategies for managing heat in existing and new schools
  • Research gaps in relation to thermal comfort for children in schools
Sebastian Pfautsch, Senior Research Fellow, University of Western SydneyAustralia
Jun 710:00
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Growth challenges and strategies

  • Growth challenges facing Catholic schools
  • Risks to meeting growth challenges
  • Planning and developing Catholic schools of the future
Dallas Mcinerney, Chief Executive Officer, Catholic Schools NSWAustralia
Jun 715:10
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What Does the Evidence Say About School Learning Environments?

- What does the evidence say about the impact (positive/negative) about the impact of school learning environments on teaching and learning? - Why are open-plan environments not the panacea to all teaching and learning ills?- What are those factors (spatial or other) that do impact the ability for a teacher to use any environment for pedagogical gain?
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