Karen Bryant | Director, Public Schools NSW
NSW Department of Education | Australia

Karen Bryant, Director, Public Schools NSW, NSW Department of Education

Karen began her career in education as a visual arts teacher almost 30 years ago. Since that time, she’s made a substantial contribution to education across NSW. After taking on senior roles within schools, including leading teacher, deputy principal and principal, Karen moved into wider leadership positions, including school education director and director public schools NSW. Based on her ability to provide strategic educational leadership Karen currently holds the role of Director Public Schools NSW, Parramatta Strategy. In this role she is currently leading the development and delivery of future focused teaching and learning in the redevelopment and expansion of Arthur Phillip High School and Parramatta Public School. The schools will provide the first public high rise high school in NSW.


Day 1 @ 12:00

Vertical school design - Parramatta's Arthur Phillip High School

  • Learn about the redevelopment and expansion of the future-focused, multi-story Arthur Phillip High School 
  • Understand the key components involved in developing a purpose-built, state-of-the-art, flexible learning space
  • Discover how to manage internal and external stakeholders when undertaking school redevelopment projects 

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