Kent Peters | Director of Business
Canberra Grammar School | Australia

Kent Peters, Director of Business, Canberra Grammar School

Kent is  currently Director of Business at Canberra Grammar School where he is currently involved in a significant Masterplan delivery, prior to this he spent 11 years as Bursar at Guildford Grammar School (Perth) where he had significant experience in handling large capital projects from concept development through to final delivery – in recent years, three major projects – Thwaites Centre (Executive Administration and 22 learning spaces – A$16.5M), Preparatory School Project (Administration, Cafeteria and 20 learning spaces - A$21.9M), and Synthetic Hockey Turf (Rio Olympic Turf with full infrastructure – A$3.5M.  He has worked as a Bursar in leading independent schools in New Zealand and Australia since 2005.


Day 2 @ 14:00

How to keep schools building project on track, on budget and on time

  • Gain insights from successful project management 
  • How to get the project brief right in the first place 
  • Assess stakeholder engagement and getting everybody on the same page 
  • Managing building and design professionals: quantity surveyors, architects and builders 
  • Keeping on budget key steps from tender process to the build sign-off 

Day 2 @ 15:00

Panel discussion: stakeholder engagement and change management in facilities management

  • Finding common ground, getting buy-in support, quick wins and overcoming obstacles 
  • Change management in facilities management 
  • How to promote collaboration in facilities management

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