Natalie Budovsky | Group Director, Strategic Procurement
Macquarie University | Australia

Natalie Budovsky, Group Director, Strategic Procurement, Macquarie University

Natalie heads procurement for the university and its nine controlled entities; such as Macquarie Hospital, MGSM, Macquarie International to name a few. She joined Macquarie University in October 2016 with a mandate to establish a world-class strategic procurement capability. Previously, Natalie worked for six years as the Head of Strategic Sourcing at Healthdirect Australia where she led the establishment of strategic sourcing capability that enabled the company to undertake major procurement activities of national significance.


Day 1 @ 17:10

Implementing category management and why is it important?

  • Developing a category strategy
  • What should be included in a category strategy and what to exclude
  • Justifying the investment in Category Management

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