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Peter Lippman, Founder, Places Created for Learning

For the last 25 years, Peter C. Lippman, M. Phil., Assoc. AIA, REFP has been researching, writing about, designing and creating activity based learning environments for the future. Peter applies social science research methodologies to the programming, planning, and design of learning environments. This approach supports the creation of dynamic places where the physical environment becomes vehicle of transformation. Peter is the author of Evidence-Based Design for Primary and Secondary Schools: A Responsive Approach to Creating Learning Environments (2010) and is the founder of Places Created for Learning  an Evidence Based Design Practice that specializes in creating activity based learning environments (February 2016-Present


EduBUILD Day 1 @ 14:20

Crafting Activity Based Learning Environments: An Evidence Based Design Approach

  • Examine some research on learning environments
  • Introduce and define activity theory and affordance theory
  • Present international examples spatial designs for the physical environment that enhance the pedagogy of the place
  • Consider how the interior spatial design may be organized to support activity based learning

EduBUILD Day 2 @ 09:00

Buildings vs Spaces

Join two of the worlds most brilliant minds discuss the environments in which our children learn and grow and what aspects of which we must develop to to maximise learning potential.
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