Roni Zimmer-Doctory | Senior Design Consultant
Fielding Nair International | Israel

Roni Zimmer-Doctory, Senior Design Consultant, Fielding Nair International

Roni Zimmer Doctory has over 17 years of professional architectural and project management experience. She has served as an Architect and Design Team Leader at AlefBet Planners in Israel since 2007. Roni has extensive knowledge of educational architecture and has participated in the development of innovative schools worldwide. She has served as a school design consultant in Israel, India, Thailand, Singapore, the United States, Romania, Spain, Switzerland, and the United States. 
Ron represents a new generation of visionary young architects who understand the profound ways in which the built environment impacts student learning outcomes. She believes passionately that there is an urgent imperative for education change throughout the world so that students are better prepared for a very different future than anything we have seen before.  Towards this goal, Roni has been working closely with Fielding Nair International, to explore a wide range of effective education solutions. These include not just new ways to design school buildings but also methods to introduce and implement highly innovative, student-centered curriculums in new and renovated schools.

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