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Stephen Heppell, CEO, Heppell.Net

Stephen is an English educator who specialises in the use of ICT in education. He is a Professor at Bournemouth University, Chair in New Media Environments, Emeritus Professor Anglia Ruskin University, Visiting Professor University of Wales, Newport. Heppell is best known for his work at Ultralab, part of Anglia Polytechnic University. There, he worked on education projects such as “Learning in the New Millennium”, “Schools OnLine”, development of “” and “Talking Heads”. In 2003, Heppell left UltraLab and is now CEO of the education consultancy firm,, a global and flourishing policy and learning consultancy which now has an enviable portfolio of international projects all round the world. Stephen is retained by a number of organisations to help with future policy and direction, including the BBC, as an Associate of KPMG, and is retained by the UK government in Horizon Scanning work to advise of future directions for educational policy. Stephen is executive chairman of LP+ who are currently developing a Chinese language learning community for 20 million Chinese school students, in partnership with China’s Sun New Media corporation.


Day 2 @ 11:10

If Learning was the Olympics, we would pay a lot more attention to the aggregation of marginal gains

In elite sport, the athletes, armed with complex data + data analytics, and with the most up-to-date understanding of the many variables involved in excelling, are constantly looking for ways to do things differently and better. If Learning was an Olympics event, we would simply do it better. This input explores how, and reflects on how elite sport are already building better learning facilities themselves.

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